I am an artist (b, 1989) from Stockholm, Sweden and I have studied fine art and painting since 2011 at the Swedish Academy of Realist Art. I graduated formally in 2014 but remained at the school as an assistant teacher until it was time for me to move on. I work and reside in Stockholm where I have my studio.

During the summer of 2016 I became a finalist in a brand new televised contest called "Konstnärsdrömmen" made by Swedish television, SVT, where 10 artists competed against each other in various challenges in order to win an exhibition at a famous museum.

Group exhibitions
2017 – Nääs Slott, "Konstnärsdrömmar på Nääs", Floda, Sweden. 
2015 – Vaxholms Rådhus - Stockholm, Sweden.
2014 –  Riddarhuset - Stockholm, Sweden.

2016 – Finalist in "Konstnärsdrömmen" made by SVT, based on the BBC production "The Big Painting Challenge".

2013-2014 – Assistant teacher at SARA.

2011-2014 – The Swedish Academy of Realist Art (SARA), Sweden.