I was born in Uppsala, Sweden, in 1989 and later moved to Stockholm city where I, in 2011, would go on and begin my artistic journey at the Swedish Academy of Realist Art - A traditional art school dedicated to teaching the ways of the old masters. After finishing the three-year programme in 2014 I was invited to stay as an assistant teacher until it was time for me to move on.

During the summer of 2016 I became a finalist in a brand new televised contest called "Konstnärsdrömmen" made by swedish television where 10 artists competed against each other in various challenges in order to win a solo exhibition at a famous museum in Stockholm.

2017 – Edsvik Konsthall, Höstalongen 2017, Sollentuna, Sweden.
2017 – Nääs Slott, "Konstnärsdrömmar på Nääs", Floda, Sweden. 
2015 – Vaxholms Rådhus - Stockholm, Sweden.
2014 – Riddarhuset - Stockholm, Sweden.

2016 – Finalist in "Konstnärsdrömmen" made by SVT, based on the BBC production "The Big Painting Challenge".

2013-2014 – Assistant teacher at SARA.

2011-2014 – The Swedish Academy of Realist Art, Sweden.